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The Dog Shampoo:
Your Care Guide

Here's a quick guide on how to  get on with your bath and get most out of the Dog Shampoo. Always be prepared and have all you need close when needed.

Tools needed: Treats, towel, or/and hairdryer

Where do you wash your dog?

It's always great to be prepared. So we do recommend to prepare the area and surroundings meaning, remove any things that could fall down and smash leaving the situation more harmful than it is. Secondly... remember to bring your treats. This is for comfort and rewards when doggy is doing just great!

The water temperature

We recommend a luke warm setting. Too hot water can remove the healthy oils from your dogs skin - and we don't want that! Better too cold than too hot. Soak in the fur, and be sure it's all soaked. Initially you can wash out a lot of dirt, dust and unwanted stuff before getting on with the Dog Shampoo.

Now grab a hold of your shampoo. Then give your shampoo a good shake. This is to mix all the natural ingredients. Pump it out onto palms or directly onto the coat. Now get it to foam up and gently massage is it in until you have all areas covered.

Be sure to get underneath leg pits, clean paws, and other cracks and spots you might tend to forget. 

Washing the head and face of your dog

Avoid getting soap into ears and eyes. Its sensible areas, equal to us humans. What we recommend is to have a soft sponge or a cloth. Wet it with some soap and water and get to it.

You can massage doggy a bit as they tend to enjoy it more and remember the baths as a great experience.

Wash out all the dog shampoo

Now rinse out the shampoo

Be sure give them a good rinse! We do not want to leave any leftovers of shampoo in there as this can cause a bit of irritation. Keep the water running until you see the water running clean without any dirt or foam in it. Also, do use your hands to give doggy a scrub and a good massage. You know the love it! 

Time to dry!

Find yourself a good towel and give them a rub and hug. Some prefer drying with a towel and leaving them to air dry - and some get on with the hairdryer after. All good stuff, but we're almost in the end of this session and might be that doggy had become a tiny bit restless. They want to run out and "flip-the-fur".

Keep them close and with a few rewards finish the job and when dry and a bit more calm get on with the Dog Mist vitamin skin and fur conditioner. 

Now, they are clean, smelling pawsome and ready to cuddles.

If you have any questions or need any guidance do not hesitate to reach out to us.