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What's Up Dog: Chipirón, Fede & Esti

We met up with Esti and Fede for a round of content with their cutie of a frenchie, Chipirón. We had to ask a bit into Chipirón and them as owners, so here comes a few quick ones to get them to know a bit better.

What's up? Tell us more about yourselves.

We're Fede and Esti, and Chipirón. We're living our daily lives in Barcelona and are content creators for a living. Also, we're passionate foodies, Fede is a killer in the kitchen, and we're suckers for nature and active life in the mountains.

We need to ask. Why the name Chipirón?

Because Fede is obsessed with a delicious Galician dish called Chipirones (baby squids), so we had to name her Chipirón. By the way, Chipiróns - haven't tried it yet? It's an absolute must! Yummy!

Can you describe Chipirón in three words?

She's euphoric, gluttonous (greedy), and affectionate. It might be a reflection of her parents, haha.

Funniest memory? Bring it!

It might not be funny, but it's something you remember her by. She's a farting machine. We live in a fog of farts.

Chipiron's fave and least fave activity?

Favorite: EATING!!
Least favorite: Cutting her nails :(

Best trick? 

She makes the "Rollover" like a champ.

Best tip for dog friends?

Get dog insurance. It's worth it! (Kinda mandatory, right?)

Favourite snack?

Watermelon - yes, quite unusual, but she loves it! And peanut butter. She can't control it. Same as her parents.

Favorite activity together?

She loves taking rides on the motorcycle! We often ride out in the mountains to enjoy beautiful nature, kill time, and breathe the fresh mountain air.

We will make you finish this one. Chipiron is obsessed with..., balls, and water!

Great, that's was a quick one. We'd love to interview more great owners and dogs out there, so feel free to get in contact with us if you some great stuff to share.