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What's Up Dog: Belly Rubs, Sofa Zoomies & Turkey Times with Gizmo

Time for a new "What's Up dog". This time with Jorge, a Community Builder and Event Manager at The Social Hub in San Sebastián, Spain, and Gizmo, his nearly 3-year-old Black & Tan Shiba Inu.

Gizmo is a stubborn, independent, and sleepy demeanor. He brings a whole lot of joy and amusement to Jorge's and Anita's life every single day.

Describing Gizmo in just three words? Easy. Stubborn, independent, and sleepy. This little Shiba Inu is a quirky mix of strong-willed attitude and undeniable love for snoozing. His behaviour never fail to entertain, adding a unique charm to his already irresistible personality.

If Gizmo could talk, Jorge imagines he’d be a chatterbox full of curiosity about their daily routines. "Without a doubt, Gizmo would ask about what days we go to the supermarket to buy yogurt and turkey," Jorge shares.

Gizmo also has a keen interest in home décor, always eager to know when there will be new sofas or beds to leap across during his zoomie sessions.

In the working world, Gizmo could totally rock two roles. "With that face, she could be a top model, although she would be very good at being a private detective," Jorge muses. Gizmo's hours spent intently observing the world from his window hint at a natural talent for sleuthing.

When Gizmo wants attention, he goes all out. "He cries and screams as if there were no tomorrow," Jorge says, likening him to a miniature wolf. This dramatic display is Gizmo's foolproof way to capture Jorge's attention and affection.

Gizmo’s guilty pleasure? Belly rubs and turkey, hands down. He loves to surprise Jorge by flopping over for a belly rub, especially when there’s a tasty piece of turkey involved. Jorge can’t resist indulging his furry friend's endearing demands.

Gizmo’s funniest trick showcases his digging prowess. "He is capable of digging so much on the beach that he could reach China,"

Jorge laughs. This playful behavior never fails to entertain and impress beachgoers and passersby.

Keeping Gizmo Healthy

As a dedicated dog parent, Jorge ensures Gizmo receives top-notch care. "We try to give him the best care from food, with supplements for his hair and skin, to external care by brushing his hair every 2-3 days," Jorge explains. Gizmo also enjoys occasional trips to professional groomers for vitamin treatments that enhance his skin and coat health.

Advice for Dog Owners

Jorge's top tip for current and future dog owners emphasizes the delicate nature of caring for a dog. "A dog is as delicate or more so than a person, so all care is little," he advises. Patience is key, especially for those considering a Shiba Inu. Their unique temperament requires understanding and dedication, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Gizmo is more than just a pet; he is a cherished member of Jorge's family. His quirky personality, amusing behaviour, and endearing habits make every day a little brighter. For anyone lucky enough to meet Gizmo, it's clear that this Shiba Inu brings a special kind of joy to the vibrant community of San Sebastián.