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What's Up Dog: Alba Prado & The Heart Behind 'PEEEEEEEEETS'


Meet Alba Prado, an illustrator, art director, and the creative mind behind the enchanting @peeeeeeeeets project. With a passion for portraying the unique bond between animals and their humans, Alba has carved out a niche in the world of pet portraiture.

The inception of @peeeeeeeeets was a delightful accident, born out of Alba's deep love for animals, particularly dogs. What started as creating portraits for a friend turned into a full-fledged project after receiving positive responses on Instagram. Alba, recognizing the potential, decided to give it a dedicated space, thus bringing @peeeeeeeeets to life, and it was embraced warmly from the very beginning.

Capturing the essence of a pet and its owner is an art mastered by Alba. She goes beyond the visual and requests a minimum of four photos, coupled with detailed descriptions of the individuals and their relationship dynamics. This approach allows her to infuse each portrait with character, portraying pets and their owners in characteristic poses that capture their unique essence and mood in life.



The true joy of Alba's work lies in the emotional reactions of the pet owners when they receive their personalized 'peeeeeeeeeets' portraits. Recently, a client shared a heartfelt video capturing her sister's reaction, a moment that brought tears to both the recipient and Alba. This emotional connection underscores the profound impact that @peeeeeeeeets has on the lives of its clients.

Beyond dogs, Alba's love extends to pigeons, a creature often misunderstood and unappreciated. Pigeons hold a special place in her heart, inspiring a captivating print series titled 'Barcelona Pigeons.' Through her art, Alba seeks to showcase the resilience and uniqueness of these birds, challenging the unjust stigma they often face.



The story takes a touching turn as Alba shares the backstory of her dog, Pan. A pivotal moment in her journey into the world of dog love, Pan's passing at the tender age of two left an indelible mark on Alba's heart. This emotional experience became a catalyst for her artistic expression, with 'peeeeeeeeets' serving as a continuous tribute to the love she shared with Pan.

As the interview concludes on a hopeful note, Alba reveals her excitement about adopting a new furry family member. Alongside her partner, Alba is gearing up to open her heart and home to a new dog, marking a joyous chapter in her life.

Alba Prado's @peeeeeeeeets is not just about art; it's a celebration of love, emotions, and the enduring connections we share with our animal companions. Through her creative endeavors, Alba brings to life the warmth and joy that pets bring into our lives, making @peeeeeeeeets a heartwarming testament to the bond between animals and their humans.