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All Fur Types: Short-Haired Dog Care

Short-haired dogs need grooming too. Their short straight coat needs a stiff brush and a regular bath to keep their skin and hair in the best and most healthy conditions.

How do I determine if my dog is short-haired? Short-haired can be relative, right? But we say that any hair length under 2.5 - 3 cm and straight is your short-haired type.
You would easily assume that a short-haired dog doesn't need much grooming - and not even a bath that often, but actually, they need more than you think. Short-haired do shed, and that happens all year round.

 What are my grooming steps?

Get yourself a good stiff brush. A stiff brush will be one of your tools to remove any loose and dead hairs regularly, avoiding your dog shedding and losing their hair at home.

For washing your dog, you'll need a sensitive and organic shampoo. We'll recommend our own Dog Shampoo, made with Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, and Coconut. Our shampoo contains actives that work to nourish and clean while still being sensitive to the skin and fur. Combining Aloe Vera, Oatmeal, and Coconut ensures both hair and skin strength while removing impurities and unwanted dirt and bacteria.

It would be best to bathe your dog regularly - anything between once to twice a month. It all depends on race, environment, and activities. Many would say, "I never really wash my dog!" or, "I shower it now and then.", but we think times have changed.

Dogs are in our personal space, sofas, beds, and cars. We're going for walks in the city, parks, etc.; remember, they do not wear shoes. Plus, bathing your dog regularly removes dead hair and dander and moisturises your dog's skin and coat. That's great! When showering your dog, it's a great idea and trick to use a rubber brush to loosen up dead skin and hair. Always be sure to give your dog a good rinse to make sure all soap gets out.

Can I use a conditioner?

Yes you can, even with short hair, you can use a leave-in conditioner spray. Make sure it is a light version and made to be a leave-in, not a washout. Spray and cover your dog, massage it with your hands, and finish with a brush. We recommend our Dog Mist, made with highly beneficial natural actives and vitamins for fur and skin.

At last, we will always recommend a good diet as all beauty, and health not only comes from the outside - but starts from within.