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Dog Care Guides: Keeping Dog Paws Healthy

Our dog's paws go through a lot every day. That can be anything from hot concrete, rocky roads, or even cold snow - different surfaces with each impact on a bare paw.

Our dog's paws are a great indicator of our dog's health, so giving our dogs regular paw checks makes so much sense. Take note of smell, dryness, cracks, hair and nails. You should consider visiting a vet if you see anything out of the ordinary or if your dog bites or licks the paws a lot. 

Trim your dogs hairs

Short or long-haired? You still need to ensure that hair growth between the paws is trimmed and groomed. Keep it short and at the same height. Clean and comb hairs, grab a sharp scissor and cut off any long hairs with care. Please be careful. Do this while the dog is calm and resting. It's a great idea to use a scissor made for this as they are safer and made sharp for the cause.

Trim down nails

If you hear your dog's nails clicking and scratching when they walk on a hard surface - then it's a sign to get those nails trimmed down. Your dog's nails shouldn't touch the ground while they walk. 

Trimming a dog's nails can be tricky; if you feel uncomfortable with this, better to see a saloon or vet. There are many guides and videos out there - but be careful with this.

Keep them clean & moisturised

Keeping our dog's paws clean and moisturised can significantly increase the look, feel, and health. Clean and clear out debris with a regular paw check. Some debris can cause minor injuries or cuts - we don't want that! Clean with a cloth and check for any cuts, cracks, or bruises.

Give your dog a good paw massage using a paw balm or moisturiser. Your dog will enjoy a short massage and keeping the paws moisturised also ensures they are less prone to damage or cracking.  

Remember, our dog's paws are like our bare feet. They are in contact with many different surfaces and therefore, also more vulnerable. In change of weather, hot or cold, you also need to keep extra attention - so have your regular paw checks to prevent any injuries or damage.