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What's Up Dog: From Argentina to Milan - A Journey of Design and Dogs

Alongside their two beloved dogs, adopted from their homestead in Argentina, Matias Gonzalez and Jazmin Feige have embarked on a captivating journey from the bustling streets of Buenos Aires to the design capital of Milan. There, they have carved their path in the world of design, creating and shaping organic shapes and objects to pride every home in need of a sprinkle of color.

From Argentina to Milan

Matias Gonzalez and Jazmin Feige, industrial designers hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, have found themselves immersed in the vibrant design community of Milan, the design capital of the world. Their journey began in Paris, where they spent three years exploring the creative scene before making their way to Milan. This cosmopolitan city has provided them with endless inspiration to further develop their design studio, Bougie Woogie. Although they miss their home country and Mati continues to run his own design studio in Buenos Aires, their time in Milan has opened up new perspectives and opportunities.

When It All Started

The birth of Bougie Woogie is a tale of spontaneity and fun. During the 2020 lockdown, Matias and Jazmin found themselves in Argentina, separated from the hustle and bustle of their usual lives in Europe. With the time difference in their favor, they embarked on a creative project together, exploring their design ideas with a playful and enjoyable mindset. It was a time of freedom, where they could design and build prototypes without worrying about public response. They began documenting their journey on Instagram, and to their surprise, received an overwhelmingly positive response from their audience.



What truly sets Bougie Woogie apart is the interaction they have with their clients. Matias and Jazmin engage in conversations, seeking to understand their clients' needs, recommending colors for their spaces, and creating tailor-made furniture and pieces that perfectly align with their clients' vision. Bougie Woogie came to life in the most organic way possible and remains their personal playground for unlimited creativity, while they continue their work as designers on other projects.

The Joy Of Dogs

Their busy entrepreneurial lives are made even more interesting with the presence of their beloved dogs. Working from home means their furry companions are always by their side, providing cuddles and love. During calls and meetings, they often find themselves multitasking with their AirPods on, walking the dogs whilst still handling the business. This has resulted in some comical moments during video calls, with their dogs unexpectedly making appearances or playfully barking, adding a touch of laughter to their conversations.

During events like Milano Design Week, they enjoy bringing their dogs along to outdoor venues, and for other occasions, they have a trusted dog sitter to ensure their pups are well taken care of. Having dogs in their lives adds joy and spontaneity to their busy routines, reminding them to take breaks and appreciate the small things. Their furry co-workers are an integral part of Bougie Woogie.


The dusty workshops in Buenos Aires, where their production takes place, contrast with their Milanese lifestyle. They no longer have to worry about blowing off dust from themselves and giving their furry friends a good cleaning before heading home. One particular incident stands out in their memories when there was a mountain of sawdust in the workshop, and Pañuelo, one of their dogs, went straight for it, rolling around in it for a few seconds. It was chaotic but incredibly funny, creating a lasting and amusing memory.

Everything Has To Match

Aesthetics play a significant role in every aspect of Matias and Jazmin's lives, including their dogs' accessories. As designers, they appreciate and are selective about the aesthetics of everything they incorporate into their lives. From matching stainless steel food bowls to durable and colorful toys (they highly recommend Kong!), they ensure their dogs' accessories seamlessly fit with the overall aesthetic of their home.

They have discovered an indie brand from New York called 'Approved by Fritz' for leashes and beds that perfectly complement their decor. Additionally, they have embraced dog skincare with the amazing products from Doganics, pampering their pups with a refreshing mist after their morning walk. It's incredible and amusing to see how these two Argentinian street dogs now live.

Follow their journey on @bougiewoogie____