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What's Up Dog: Genia & Flyn - An Unforgettable Duo

lulu and flyn cafe barcelona

When you flow through life and your paths take you to a certain place of belongin. From Russia to London, London to Paris, and Paris to Barcelona. We had the pleasure of meeting Genia, the owner of Lulu & Flyn. This charming café is not just a place to enjoy great food, wine, and coffee—it's a haven that evokes a feeling of warmth and inclusivity. At the heart of Lulu & Flyn is Genia's beloved companion, Flyn, the lovable frenchie who roams the café's sidewalks, enchanting both regulars and passersby alike.

An Unforgettable Duo

Genia and Flyn have left an indelible mark on everyone who has encountered their unique personalities. With a radiant smile, Genia greets you with open arms, engaging in conversations about life and making you feel genuinely welcome. Her innate ability to foster a sense of belonging is evident in everything she does. This was why we sat down with Genia— to discuss her being a pulse in her community and creating a space where everyone feels like they belong.

lule and flyn cafe barcelona

A Feelgood Atmosphere

"For me, this space is more than just a café," Genia explains passionately. "It's a place that uplifts your spirits and makes you feel connected to something greater than yourself. It embodies the essence of who we are as individuals. And, of course, we also prioritize excellence in what we offer—top-quality food, wine, and coffee. Lulu & Flyn is a café that cultivates a feel-good atmosphere. Come, indulge, and appreciate the people around you."

For the past six years, Genia and Flyn have been immersed in the world of café and restaurant ownership. Recently, they embarked on a new venture, opening the location on Passeig Sant Joan in Barcelona. Flyn proudly assumes her role as the co-owner—the CDO (Chief Dog Of Operations).

"Flyn is quite literally the one who gets recognized on the street before me!" Genia chuckles. "Naming the café Lulu & Flyn just made perfect sense. Lulu represents the feminine aspect of our establishment—our space has always been female-driven, including our previous café, Lulu. And Flyn, well, she's the delightful character that captivates and greets our guests."

lulu and flyn cafe barcelona

Ownership Shares, Negotiations, and Laughter

Curious about Flyn's official status as part owner, I ask Genia, who responds with a lighthearted tone, "Oh, absolutely! She's a bit of a lazy owner, though!" She chuckles again before continuing, "We share the ownership equally—50/50, to be precise. Flyn was quite persistent in the negotiations, but she definitely earned her title!"

Our conversation naturally shifts to the profound role of being a dog owner, and we delve deeper into Flyn's significance in Genia's life.

"Flyn is such a huge part of life, my identity, and everything I do," Genia shares warmly. "She's the driving force behind my laughter—a lovably silly, funny, and truly unique character. She's my best companion in the world—always there for me through thick and thin. It's hard to put into words, but she feels incredibly human to me. She's simply wonderful."

lulu and flyn cafe barcelona

As our conversation goes to an end, we reflect on the unconditional love, companionship, and happiness that dogs, like Flyn, bring into our lives. With glasses raised and a fine natural wine in hand, we toast to the enduring charm of Lulu & Flyn, while Flynie flattens out in the sun, basking in her role as the boss of one of Barcelona's most vibrant and welcoming spots—Lulu & Flyn.

Lulu & Flyn embodies more than just a café; it represents a haven of community, where people can come together, enjoy excellent fare, and feel a genuine sense of belonging. With Genia's infectious warmth and Flyn's endearing charm, this unique establishment fosters an atmosphere of joy and inclusivity. As we bid farewell, we leave with a deeper appreciation for the extraordinary bond between a dog and its owner, and the immeasurable impact they can have on each other's lives.