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What's Up Dog : A Passion for Dogs & Design

Anastasia’s love for her dog, design, and quality is evident in every aspect of her life. We met her at her backyard patio in Eixample in Barcelona to discuss her brand and life as a dog mom. 

The year 2020 was when Anastasia embarked on a journey to change the atmosphere of our homes. It was also the year she adopted the clever and curious Dachshund Parker, who is always in for a round of ball. Any time, all the time!

 As she is showing us around, Parker finds a ball and starts nudging it towards our feet - “Time to play, human!” - While throwing a few balls, Anastasia shows us around and shares the process of how she makes her candles. We asked her how come she started creating these beautiful objects.



"Spending much time at home in 2020 made me realise how much I missed having candles around. As someone from the North, where the seasons are cold and dark, candles have always been essential in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any candles that matched my style and aesthetics. I found the typical glass jars with wax too dull. That's when I took matters into my own hands and started making Lepet candles, with little Parker often tripping over my feet in the workshop."

Seeing the process and details that go into this piece of art makes us realize how personal it is for Anastasia. She delicately picks up a dried twig adorned with rounded dry berries and shows it to us.



"This here. I was looking to find something like this for a while but couldn't figure out where. One day this tweak was placed just outside my workshop door. Later I saw it was a bird bringing these dry tweaks now and then. Now have a box full for the next production - how amazing!"

We're amazed about yet another story that adds to Anastasia's storytelling for every piece she creates. Ten years ago, Anastasia moved from Moscow to Barcelona with her 11-year beloved adopted Corgi. Dogs have always been essential to her life, and she expresses just how much they mean to her.

"Dogs have and will always hold a special place in my heart. When I moved to Barcelona, I brought my 11-year-old Corgi with me. Though he passed away six years ago, I knew I couldn't be without a dog. That's why I welcomed Parker into our lives in 2020. Parker grew up during the pandemic and was always by my side. Today, he's practically my shadow and accompanies me in everything I do."

As our conversations continue around dogs and dog care, we catch a glimpse of Parker playing with his ball in the morning sun. Instantly, we notice his healthy, well-cared-for coat and happy tail wagging as he enjoys his favourite game.



Anastasia's love for Parker extends to the care she provides for him. She steers clear of any dog food or cosmetics containing preservatives and only uses high-quality products, like Doganics, which have been an excellent experience for them both. Additionally, Anastasia designs and creates functional and durable dog collars and leashes using climbing materials, which we find pretty impressive.

Anastasia's love for design and functionality is clearly reflected in her lifestyle, and she tells us - "If I can't find something I like, I will always try to create it myself. Objects are to be made to last and fit into your lifestyle, and by making them myself, I ensure they do so."



Overall, Anastasia's love for her dog, design, and quality is evident in everything she has shown and told us.

Her philosophy is simple - objects are to be made to last and seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, which is what she achieves through her creations.

Anastasia has left an indelible impression on us through her love for her dogs, design, and quality. We're reminded that investing in quality, longer-lasting objects is beneficial not only for us but also for the future. It's a valuable lesson that we can all take away from her.