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Dog Care Guide: Paws In Winter Time


As the colder months approach, it's essential to take extra precautions with our furry friends, especially when it comes to their paws. Winter can be harsh on dogs as they struggle to regulate their body temperature, making it crucial to keep their paws protected from ice, snow, and salt.

Here are some simple steps you can take to keep your dog and theirs paws happy and healthy.

Keep ‘em Dog Paw Hairs Short

It’s always great to keep the fur neat and short, but even more in winter time. Trimming the fur around your dog's paws can reduce the amount of snow that gets stuck to them, leading to a painful trip, small cuts, or even frostbite. Auch! To prevent harm trim off of the furs around the paw pads and between each toe.

Regular Wash And A Wipe

When your dog comes back inside from a walk, it's important to wipe off their paws. You can use a towel to do this, or you can also use a warm washcloth. Make sure you're getting between the toes on each paw and there's no snow, salt or debris stuck between them. This can cause irritation or even injury if left there for too long! 

When It Gets Freezing Cold

Entering minus something degrees can be a though one at times, but keep in mind that walks are important to your dog's well-being. But here’s a tip for both. Do shorter walks more frequently throughout the day. This will allow you to clean and warm up their paws and not expose them to dangerously low temperatures for too long. 

Avoid Routes With Salt

As some countries are using salt to melt up icey sidewalks and roads, see if you can avoid them. Salt can cause burns, cuts, and infections for dogs—and it's especially dangerous if they lick their paws. If you're walking your dog in snowy or icy conditions, try to find a route that avoids roads and paths with salt on them.

If your dog does get injured by some road salt, wash off any remaining pieces of the mineral as quickly as possible using warm water. Then gently pat dry with a towel and apply a healing ointment until healed up. 

Moisturize Your Dog's Paws

With regular cleaning comes regular hydration. To make sure your dog's paws stay healthy and moisturized in the winter, a great place to start is to add our Dog Balm into your caring routine. The balm is high on nutritions that all has a great beneficial effect on paws that needs extra protection and hydration.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Overall, keeping your dog's paws safe in the winter is the only way to ensure you keep them from getting hurt and also help them stay happy. That said, with a regular wash combined with our Doganics Dog Balm will be one of the most effective ways to keep your dog's paws hydrated and healthy all winter long! An easy but great step to ensure happy healthy winter paws.