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What's Up Dog: Ilaria's Fear-to-Love Transformation

Ilaria's Fear-to-Love Transformation with Corgis and a Dog Magazine. 

Ilaria went from overcoming her fear of dogs to becoming a proud parent of two affectionate Corgis and the publisher of a dog-focused magazine. Her journey has completely turned her life around.

“As a child, I was never afraid, but suddenly growing up, something changed. I truly feared dogs and turned to the other side of the streets when encountering them daily. The fear within me was something I could not control. I still cannot recall the exact moment this nightmare started, but I was afraid that dogs could chase after me.”

Overcoming Fear, Finding Love with Lulla the Corgi

Ilaria and her husband faced their fear of dogs head-on by adopting an 8-year-old Corgi named Lulla. It was a life-changing and challenging decision, but it proved to be a moment of love at first sight. Adopting Lulla has had a profound and positive impact on their lives.

“Lulla, my 12-year-old dog, is definitely my main inspiration. We met Lulla at the breeder’s, and it was love at first sight. Lulla had three litters in her life and was officially a ‘retired’ corgi. She’s been living this new chapter with us since February 2019. She changed our lives for the better.”

Sharing the Life-Changing Bond between Dogs and Humans through Stories

Ilaria recognized the transformative power of the bond between dogs and humans and wanted to share her own experiences and those of others. She created the magazine, Dogs + Humans, as a platform for these stories. The magazine is now on its third issue, featuring tales from around the world with a focus on high-quality storytelling and production.

"I wanted to share how dogs can change people's lives. Those unique connections, those radical choices you make when you start a life with your pup. I know my life has improved since I live with my dogs, and we can never thank them enough. Living with a dog made me realise the importance of living in the present, and this is something I'm still learning day after day, thanks to Lulla and Margot. The soul connection between a dog and a human is one of the greatest loves you can ever experience. Something all of us dog parents can no doubt relate to. That's why I felt the need to create something special dedicated to them. They truly teach us so much, asking so little.

With the magazine, it is all about the choice of content, both aesthetically and qualitatively. The balance among the pages, the colours and the choice of paper. Making this magazine, I’ve met so many wonderful people all over the world. We all have so much in common, and it’s beautiful to experience when we talk about our dogs.”

Ilaria's Secrets to Happy and Healthy Dogs: Long Walks, Good Nutrition, and Dental Care.

To keep her dogs happy and healthy, Ilaria relies on regular long walks, nourishing diets, and proper dental care. While she often dreams of swapping her Corgis for Whippets for a day, she also longs for a simpler life in a cabin in the woods. There, she and her dogs could reconnect with nature and enjoy their favorite activities, such as leisurely walks and cozy naps in front of a fireplace.

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